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A New Way Of Getting Delivery

I remember having a tea with my mother talking about the concept of an online South Asian grocery store that would deliver anywhere in Australia.  I remember finding out that over 70,000 Indians per year come to Australia on a regional Visa, and out in the regions, getting access to Spices, Pulses and general non-western groceries was very difficult, and even where it was available, the prices were atrocious.

Turns out it wasn't just South Asians, but people living a vegan/vegetarian life or those just interested at exploring a more ancient natural diet are just not getting access.  Even in metro areas, access to the local indian store is not always convenient, and in a busy world, making the trip isn't easy, and COVID made the whole thing safer to shop from home.

So that was all I needed to get started, right until I hit a major snag. It didn't seem to matter what delivery provider you go with, delivery of bulky goods are expensive anywhere... but out in regions, we are talking $40-50 per delivery expensive. Since we need to keep our margins tight to ensure value for Customers, we just couldn't subsidise it enough to make a difference. The very people we most wanted to have access to us, didn't.

That is until I got told a story of what people are doing in the regions at the moment.  Essentially, they would setup a WhatsApp group of friends in the area that are in need of groceries, and they will co-ordinate a large order.  Then they would have either an entrepreneurial person, or an unlucky family member, make the long drive to the nearest (overpriced!) Indian grocery store and make the purchases. Often the items weren't there, or different sizes were available to what was wanted, and then by the time you paid the driver, and did the logistics of it all, and figure out the dollars owed, it was quite the headache for everyone, only to do it again in a fortnight or month.

I loved the ingenuity.. The idea was solid, but the execution was super complex. So I sat down with the team at Ma Ka Kitchen, and we hatched up our own version of this, and I am soo excited to see it go live in Beta. I know this will get that access to people in regions, but also those in metro looking to save on delivery as a group.

We are calling it the group code: 

I'm too excited to not explain.  You can get a group of local friends, and one of you registers for a group code on Ma Ka Kitchen. We will then check out your address and email you a code, and it will have the group spend you need to do to get free delivery, as well as discounted delivery prices if you can't reach that number. 

You share the code with your friends and group members, and they can all go and shop at MKK as often as they like until the day before you asked for us to send your group order to you. They pay as they buy, and we will put aside all orders for despatch on the day you asked for it to be sent.   On the day of despatch, we collate all the orders for the group and send it together to your nominated address, and if you've hit your minimum spend, it is totally free!

We can't wait for you to use it and provide us feedback. We have already piloted it with a few groups and got some amazingly positive feedback! 

Alot of effort has gone in to setting up the concept, and we hope it shows just how much we want to get Ma Ka Kitchen accessible by All Australians, Anywhere!

Thank you all again for your support. 

Ma Ka Family