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BRU Coffee - the most popular Coffee you didn't know!

Here is something you wouldn't know if you haven't grown up in India, but Bru Coffee is the second largest brand of Filtered coffee in India, consumed by up to 600 Million people as their daily hit before, during and after work!

So why don't you know about this?  Well,  it isn't exported here in Australia or really anywhere Western at scale, making it a quite a popular secret. The thing that makes BRU different is that it is a mix of 53% Coffee and 47% Chicory, and until this moment, I had no idea Chicory was a thing.

Turns out Chicory is a beautiful flowering plant, and its roots are used to make Chicory Coffee, which has a similar taste to Coffee, but without the Caffeine.

The reason Chicory is worth looking into is that it has inulin fiber, manganese, and vitamin B6, which helps the gut biome greatly, and has a mild laxative effect, which will help your morning "post coffee" activities as well.  So less Caffeine, better for your body and low cost - sounds pretty great!

But how does it taste? and can it really replace the most coveted drink of the day. I decided to find out by having it everyday and seeing if I would convert.

I didn't have a coffee plunger, but that's okay, I simply followed the instructions - boiled 50ml of water, added the Bru Coffee (2 Teaspoons), and let it sit for 10-12 minutes, and then strained the Coffee into hot milk to my liking. You can use whatever milk you like or water (like any coffee), I stuck with Cows milk.


So the taste? First and foremost, if you are the type of person that needs the finest coffee grains from the back of an Asian Palm Civet to be satisfied, then this product isn't for you, and neither would any instant/filter coffee. But for those that are okay with Nescafe, this is definitely worth looking at.  If you use the recommended number of teaspoons, you don't get that rich Coffee flavour profile you would be used to, but instead you get this earthy flavour as you sip, and then this after taste of Coffee that lingers on. I found adding an extra teaspoon gave me a stronger after taste and flavour profile that I enjoyed more.

After getting my quantity right, I had no issues transitioning and I actually grew quite fond of that earthy taste. If you are looking to cut down on the Caffeine intake whilst still getting a fix, this is a really good substitute.  Finally, as I age, I am finding myself more interested in natural things I can do to improve my insides, and this seems to help as well.

So at least for me, I am a convert for my daily cup at home, and I suspect this will grow in demand in the Western part of the world real soon. 

Cheers All!